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Earth Friendly Mineral Bleach (EFB) is all-natural and contains no optical brighteners or bulking agents. 
Perfect for brightening whites and removing stains, EFB is useful as a cleaning solution around the home, from cleaning the bathroom to flushing coffee machines! Can also be used as a pre-soak for nappies.
Activated by hot water, EFB offers a safe alternative to toxic chlorine based bleaches and is completely biodegradable, not damaging waterways etc.

Directions: Add a dessertspoonful to your normal washing powder or liquid, or, 2-3 dessert spoons to hot water as a pre-soak. (See label for directions.)
For whitening old linens and yellowed nets, deodorizing and cleaning tennis shoes and whitening grubby collars on work shirts: soak in a solution (one dessertspoonful to 1 litre of water) for at least one hour, or overnight, then rinse and wash as normal.
Please note: Earth Friendly bleach is normally colour-safe, but may cause colour fade in natural-dyed and organic fabrics.
Patch test on a small area of fabric before use and always follow the manufacturer's washing instructions.

Violets Mineral Bleach Refill 1kg Harrogate area ONLY


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