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About Us




There isn’t one person in this world that doesn’t stop and look at something interesting or different. It may be something that makes you smile or cry, something that makes you happy or sad. Looking at my baby, Malakai, and my Bear, Troy, makes me very happy each day. Getting Malakai in his fabulous cloth nappy and dressing him in beautiful, colourful clothing certainly makes me smile. What’s more, the gorgeous things we have chosen to stock here at Baby and the Bear, are all doing their best for our world. Keeping our wonderful planet happy by ethically and sustainably sourcing the materials to make their products. Going above and beyond to make their employees have the best work environments. Everyone needs a bit of happiness in their day and if one product we stock makes you happy, then I’ll know I’m doing the best for my little business. None of the products we stock at Baby and the Bear are things I wouldn’t use or wear on my Malakai.

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