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45 Eco Friendly Floss Picks Mint Flavoured 2 in 1 Interdental Floss Stick

Biodegradable floss picks / sticks (for interdental cleaning) are used to clean inbetween the teeth and improve oral health. They are available in a re-usable, recyclable container that is eco-friendly and designed with quality materials. Within each pack there are 45 individually wrapped black-charcoal and corn starch handled picks with a mint flavoured floss thread. The perfect solution for on-the-go use and travelling.MyMouth's CE, FDA & BSCI approved flosspicks help to: remove plaque - plaque is a colourless sticky film that collects inbetween the teeth and around gumlines - the build up can result in the acids that break down foods can attack the tooth enamel which protects your teeth causing cavities and also the build up of plaque increasing the risk of gum disease. Reduce risk of cavities, prevent gum disease, reduction in bad breath, 2 in 1 action - for flossing and help to dislodge food particles from the teeth, and ideal for everyday use.

Mymouth Eco Floss Picks


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