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This Highland Collection box contains four wax discs and each disc weighs around 20g each,  in a gift box.

Whisking you away to the depths of the Scottish Highlands, this collection has been inspired by places, sounds, smells and the wonderful scenery that is The Highlands! 
From whisky tasting at the many distilleries that you can find, to nestling in by an open log fire, and enjoying beautiful country walks, especially those along the sea front watching the mist unveil the beautiful landscapes. Find out a little more about each fragrance below

A Wee Dram. Now anyone knows that Scotland is famous for its whisky and should you ever visit this is one stop that we will happily do with you. A wee dram, is a gentle yet warming mix of vanilla and toffee, with a warming background note of oak and wood smoke.  
Spirit of the Glen. A rich fragrance with oaky flavours and subtle spices, balanced with fresh apple, orange and clementine. But it doesn’t stop there. Spicy cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg gives this fragrance a wee kick.  
The Lochs. This is a lighter fragrance, encompassing crisp rosemary leaves and the fresh and uplifting Highland mint. And don’t worry there is no sign of Nessie with this fragrance. 
Scottish Heather. There is no prettier sight than when Scotland’s heather comes into bloom. The depth of colour from white to cream to varying shades of purple is magical and eye-catching. This fragrance blends a hint of lavender with the warmth of heather, with a touch of cinnamon and red apple. There is a softening note of smooth honey to round this off as a fantastic additional to our highland collection.

Melt Me Real Good Highlands Wax Melts

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