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This coastal box draws its fragrance inspiration from the wonderful coast that we live near. From sunny walks on the beach, to driftwood hunting in the caves to the soft sweet cliff top walks. This box is a light and delicate box capturing sweet, floral, salty and earthy scents in one collection.

The disc boxes comes with four 20g botanic discs, one in each fragrance described below and comes in its own gift box.

Driftwood. Do you want to build a snowman? Well maybe not a snowman but how about a driftwood creature? Along the shores on the West coast of Scotland you will find some magical driftwood, so let you imagination go wild. This floral marine fragrance is twinned with refreshing seaweed, and a fresh coastal breeze skimming over rock pools filled with wonderful finds. 
Coastal Path. Once you’ve collected some driftwood, head up the coastal path to capture the wonderful view over to Ailsa and Arran. This fresh and light fragrance reminds me of being stood on the cliff top with a gentle sea breeze rushing through the wild flowers on the cliff top  as they gently sway in the breeze.
Sea Mist.  Whether you have decided to climb the cliff, or would rather build sandcastles on the shore, the fresh, sparkling fragrance of sea mist is a beautiful light addition to this collection. It brings a touch of crispness with a hint of rose whilst the freshness of the sea breeze wraps itself around you. 
Sunset Over Ailsa. The Isle of Ailsa, is a wonderful sight and to us is the landmark for so many things. But driving home from a fun filled day out, there is nothing better than watching the sun set over it, casting unusual shadows and highlighting beautiful shades of colour too.


Melt Me Real Good Coastal Wax Melts

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