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No more perfumes with fuzzy and mostly synthetic compositions
and chemicals, take a deep breath of fresh air with La Téméraire, solid perfume and of natural origin!
With its base of organic cocoa butter and organic carnauba wax, La Téméraire invades you with its fresh scents of conifers with
floral and spicy touches.  La Téméraire makes you climb mountains,
feel alive and invigorated in this bluish and mineral universe where
the smells are increased tenfold! This solid scent follows you everywhere, the whole day, thanks to its stainless steel box.
Change your habits, dare a new fragrant and committed gesture.

I melt on your fingertips to apply
on the wrists, in the neck or behind the ears.

Lamazuna Solid Perfume Bar La Temeraire

£14.99 Regular Price
£8.99Sale Price

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