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Clovis Brampton Blanket Comforter is an Original Cubbies®  comforter blankie designed and handcrafted to delight any child who receives it. A comforter is a small toy or blanket that your baby can use to get settled helping them to sleep quicker. Comforter blankets, also known as a security blanket or blankie help support your baby as it goes through changes during development. Blanket comforters also act like your baby’s best friend as they can accompany your child when they are away from the normal surroundings such as during sleepovers, stays with other family members, long car trips, day-care and more.


Designed in-house by the Cubbies creative team, its unique appearance includes the classic Cubbies design.

Cubbies Clovis Brampton Blankie

£12.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price

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