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These Beeswax Food baggies are perfect for all sorts of food stuffs. Salads stay fresh all day. Sandwiches kept fresh and secure, pies,
nibbles, crisps.  cheese, vegetables, tomatoes. You name it if its
cooked and cold it can be kept  fresh and contained in our Reusable, 100% natural, BeeRetro Beeswax baggies.


Sandwich Baggie size 21 x 21cm


Special Ingredients:
As well as Cornish Beeswax, BeeRetro only use nut free oils and resins to give the beeswax extra stick, so great for allergy sufferers and totally compliant with nut free schools initiatives. All of the wraps are hand made in a nut free environment. Our 100% cotton is OTEX certified.

Wrap it : Wash it : Re use it.
We think you will love these baggies and find hundreds of uses for them
at home and on the go. Simply rinse under the cold tap, air dry and reuse again and again. You can also use a little mild detergent if you get your bag get sticky. 

You can compost your bags at the end of their use, ( about 1 year), or keep them going for longer by using a refresher kit to top up the signature wax mix every three to four months. Using a refresher kit will allow you to keep your bags going for years.

BeeRetro Beeswax Baggies Small

£8.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price

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