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In the depths of the sea, for over thousands of years, porous solid masses have developed which are mainly sea zoophytes and show a great absorbent ability. These are spongous or as they are commonly known, sponges. They are applied mainly in pharmaceutical, household and personal hygiene. The natural sponge belongs to the genus of porifera. It is found in various areas of the sea mainly in lukewarm water where there are mild sea currents and at various depths.

The main feature of this sponge is the sense of velvet created by its delicate texture. It is ideal for sensitive – dry skins and this size especially is perfect for the application and removal of makeup.

If properly handled they can last for longer than 2-3 years. Simply wash after every use, squeeze and let completely dry between uses.

Natural color (brown)

-it is 100% natural
-it is a beauty product that never expires
-and if properly handled it can last for longer than 3 years. Simply wash after every use, squeeze and let dry. Occasionaly let it dry in the sunlight or just throw it inside the microwave for a few seconds to sanitize it

Packaging: set of 5 sponges packed in a linen pouch

approx. 4-5cm each sponge

Sea Sponges for Make up

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£6.59Sale Price

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