Your investment in these wet bags goes a long way. Don't think of it as a nappy bag, it is your parenting all purpose bag. Designed for use with cloth nappies but its uses go way beyond that - make up bag, 'no leak' sippy cups etc. Small holds 1-2 nappies and is perfect for storing reusable wipes when out and about.

Perfect makeup bags, toiletry bags, beach bags and great for trips to the swimming pool. The bag measures 22 x 27cm.


Wet bags are made from the same material as the outer shell of the Baba + Boo nappies. So, just like a nappy, they are designed to keep wetness in, but they won't tolerate being soaked. They are perfect for storing dirty nappies, damp wipes, swim suits in a towel etc - but if you use them for something really wet (like rinsed, unwrung CSP, very wet wipes, or a swim suit that's not been wrung out) then they will wick moisture, just like a nappy. 

Baba + Boo Reusable Nappy Bag

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